• Andy Penington

    Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolino

    Born in Scotland to an English father and Irish mother, Andy came into contact with Torinese Southern Rock band “Voodoo Lake” in 2003 through which he met Simone Ubezio. Soon afterwards, he recorded his debut solo album “Cheated Hearts” at Ubezio’s Bottleneck Studios in Turin. Some of the musicians who collaborated on that record later became members of the Wild Boars, and it was at that time that Stefano Raggi began recording his own solo album…..

  • Stefano Raggi

    Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Harp

    “Fate introduced me to the blues, and I was overwhelmed; my brother introduced me to country and I was electrified. Bad luck meant that I was born in the city, but I put that right,” is how Stefano Raggi sums up his passion for music.

  • Simone Ubezio

    Vocals, Bass

    While still a member of Voodoo Lake, he decided to combine the talents of Raggi and Penington in order to create the Wild Boars. After playing on the record as lead guitarist he decided to step aside to accommodate the newest band member Bob Zisa, arming himself with the bass instead.

  • Maurizio Spandre

    Vocals, Piano, Hammond, Accordion

    Founding member of Silvertrane, he met Andy and Stefano at Bottleneck Studios while recording on Voodoo Lake’s second album, whom he would join in 2003.

  • Gianmaria Pepi


    He used to play with Southern Steel, where he met Bob Zisa, as well as Voodoo Lake. He has played with Andy and Stefano ever since he collaborated on their respective solo projects.

  • Bob Zisa


    For years he played guitar for Southern Steel, and is now the newest member of the Wild Boars. His addition to the line-up followed a decision to steer the band towards a more acoustic sound.